Welcome to my website! It is organized around the idea of unfolding stories. The original purpose was to make my writing available on the net, but as I reflected on this I realized that my writing can be best understood within the context of the stories which created them. I start with this dream which I had many years ago and which has haunted me ever since, it has challenged me to take stories very seriously but also seems to encapsulate much of my life. From this, the various stories of my life unfold which in turn provide the context for a diverse selection of writings. Also embedded in the text are various poems and other writings which reflect on the stories and their significance

I have always liked stories, but when I had this storyteller dream they became central to my self understanding.  We are creatures who relentlessly tell stories, whether we write them down or not, through them we create meaning and mold out of the chaos of our lives narratives which can hold, so I believe, the joy and struggle of being human.

James Ashdown