Classic Texts



Mary's Song of Liberation

(based on the Magnificat in Luke's gospel)

I am ecstatic
shocked, awed... joyful
I'm shaking with every emotion God has created!
I was a poor woman of no significance
but God reached down,
down into chaos of human history
and said "You Mary.  You are to be the vessel of my liberation"
How...?  Why...?  My words fail...
But why am I surprised?

This is always the way God works

The mask of celebrity is shown to be worthless
But the labour of the poor never loses its value
Pure-blooded superiority is toppled
And the oppressed prisoner becomes the ruler of the nation
The empire of the tycoon falters and fails
But the work of the unknown craftsman lasts for years
And now by the turbulent Spirit
I will be a symbol of hope,
A sign across the years
Of God's upside down story:
The Liberation of All Humanity

The Blessing

(based on Zachariah's song Luke 1:68-79)

Praise to the Liberator
Praise to the Saviour
Praise to the God of long ago
and the God of here and now.
Through David God's people were saved
through the Prophets they found liberation:
freedom from the oppressors
rescue from the dealers of death and the merchants of hate.
This was from long ago
from the time of Abraham and Sarah,
And this is now
in the age of the present, in the years that are yet to come.
For John came announcing the new age
preparing the people
with forgiveness
and merciful love;
that the Light of the World might appear
and shine on all people
in all places
the light of life: the path of peace.

Simeon’s Song of Resignation

(based on the Nunc Dimittis from Luke’s gospel)

I have seen the world in its terrible beauty and ever changing pain
I grow tired of its wars and its anger
And I am ready for silence and stillness
For I have caught a glimpse of the final liberation which is offered to all people
I have been dazzled by the shining of the light
And I have been caught by the Glory which covers all
And I cry out to God who made everything
I reach out to the one who is love without measure
And I let go of all my strivings and all my plans


(the ‘Our Father’ inspired by the Aramaic)

Abba, who is in heaven,
show us who you are.
Let it come, your justice;
Let it be done, your will,
on earth as well as in heaven.
Give us today bread that will not run out.
And as we forgive others, forgive us - for what we have done, and what we have failed to do.
Do not let us go in the hard times but liberate us from all that is unjust and oppressive.
You are good. 
You are active. 
You are beautiful. 
Yes.  Yes.  Yes.