Mary Magdalene




A Eucharistic Prayer for the Feast of Mary Magdalene

(taking inspiration from the Song of Songs)

God be with you
and also with you
Lift up your hearts
with the whole of creation we lift them up
Let us give thanks to our loving God
it is beautiful to give thanks and praise
Extraordinary, awesome God
your love is better than the finest wine
your name rich and sweet
like the scent of honeysuckle.
You draw us after you
and after you we run
for we cannot resist your beauty
And so with angels and archangels, saints and seekers we sing to you
Holy, holy, holy God
gorgeous in love and beauty
the deep rich earth shouts your praise
Hosanna in the Highest
Loving Father out of the womb of Mary you gave us Jesus:
leaping upon the mountains
bounding over the hills
radiant and ruddy
distinguished above all others
Yet on the cross he gave us his body
sharing our sorrow
embracing our pain
So that in the garden, appearing first of all to Mary Magdalene, you might demonstrate the final triumph of love over death, life over hate
On the night that he was betrayed
the beautiful one took bread and gave you thanks
giving it to his friends saying
"Take eat this is my body which is given for you
Do this in remembrance of me"
In the same way after supper
the beautiful one took the cup and gave you thanks
giving it to his friends saying
"Drink this all of you, this is my blood of the new covenant which is shed for you and for many for the forgiveness of sins
Do this in remembrance of me"
Death has died
Life has come
All shall be One
So holy Mother
we thank you for your Son
and pray that you will send us your Spirit
that through her nurturing love
we might be born again
and join with all creation and with Mary Magdalene and all the saints in singing
I am my beloved and my beloved is mine