A Blessing for the core group of Feast


We have elected these four people







To be the core group for the next six months of Feast. We recognise their responsibilities to:


Coordinate and develop all the activities of Feast

Communicate with everyone about what is happening

Make sure themes are agreed and 'big' services arranged

Support the small groups and their facilitators

Keep up good relations with the wider church


And we commit ourselves to support, encourage and pray for them as they take on these responsibilities.  As a sign of this commitment we now ask God's blessing upon them:




May God make you as whole, rounded and crunchy as a basket of new picked apples


May God's blessings flow over you like sweet golden honey bringing you joy and satisfaction


May you have the vigour and spiciness of freshly fermented vinegar.  Never afraid to be different, never afraid to follow the way of the cross


May Gods Spirit brood on you as a mother hen upon her clutch of eggs -- bringing forth life and new hope


May God's Spirit rise in you like fresh yeast.  Making you as full of goodness and savour as new baked bread


May you be sparkling like champagne.  As intoxicating as brandy.  And as full of subtle flavours as a good claret.




And may you be made strong to resist the forces of global domination which would make us all bland, ordinary and without diversity