A Celebration of the Body


God of the universe

God of life

God of our bodies


We thank you this day for our bodies

For blessing them and making them fruitful

For loving and respecting our bodies so much that you created one especially for your Son to be and live in


As we contemplate our bodies we want to thank you for each part of them, for you made them to be beautiful. We claim for ourselves the blessings spoken in the Song of Songs


Your eyes are like doves pure and lovely


Your teeth are like a flock of sheep that have just been shorn


Your lips are like a scarlet ribbon, how lovely they are when they speak


Your neck is like a tall tower, strong and proud


Your hands are like rolled gold set with precious stones


Your legs are like strong columns set in foundations of granite


You are majestic like the great mountains and the towering oak. Small or large. Fat or thin. Man or woman. Black or white. Considered handsome or considered plain. Pleased with yourself or despising your appearance, you are made by God beautiful.


Enjoy your body. Live and celebrate it!