A Liturgy for Feast

-- an alternative worship congregation which met at Clapton Park URC


We come together as Feast.† Feast is many things to many people but it is an experience we share together as we come together to worship, share and experience Christian community.† Let us pause a moment to reflect in the silence.




We bring to this worship seven symbols rich with meaning and life as a way to celebrate the diversity, creativity and hope which we find in God.† We also look forward to the great Feast in which the whole world will finally be consumed ...


In response to each symbol let us join together in the reply:


From East and West

With Faith and Doubt

To Godís new Feast

We bring our tender Hopes



We bring apples to the feast.† Symbol of sin and the fall, but also of beauty and what is most desirable.† Lord God we thank you for you have made us the apples of your eye and saved us from the consequences of our pride and thoughtlessness



God of creation we bring you the sweetness of honey.† Symbol of the promised land and the fulfilment of our dearest desires and longings.† But also the food of the prophets Ezekiel and John.† As we eat of your sweetness may we have the courage and wisdom to be your prophets



We bring vinegar as a symbol of the crucifixion.† Wine gone sour: bitter to our tongue and to our wounds.† In the midst of our celebration we remember those for whom life has gone sour (let us pause quietly for a moment...) God of the Cross come close to us!



Eggs to remind us of the new life of the resurrection.† May Feast be brooded on by your Holy Spirit that in due course it might bring forth new life, new hope and new children of its own



Bread: basic staple of life reminding us of our daily needs and our dependence upon creation.† May we always be mindful of the simple things of life and aware of God's love in providing for us these basic necessities



God of the harvest we bring you grapes: symbol of festival and thanksgiving.† Gathered, crushed and fermented they bring us the miracle of wine.† May we learn to celebrate your goodness and look forward with longing to drinking the new wine in your kingdom!



God of the whole world we bring you Coca-Cola as a symbol of globalisation, capitalism and what our world has become.† May we struggle for your kingdom in the face of all the powers that seek to dominate and control your world.


All these gifts we bring to you O God in all their vitality and ambiguity.† May we experience a foretaste of the last great Feast when all the nations are gathered into your kingdom, when all wounds and hurts are healed and when justice is at last made manifest.