Ascension Day


Great God, Ancient of Days

At this Ascension tide

may we catch a glimpse of your glory,

be singed by the heat of your burning rays


We pray for our world

in the pomp of its self-confidence and pride

for the warmongers and the moneymakers

for the wheelers and dealers

for the games played with the lives of the poor


Come Ancient of Days

in love and wisdom, in truth and justice

reveal to us the way of peace


Lord in your mercy...


Great God, Father of the Son

Mother of all creation

may we be lifted above our squabbles

by you the all loving, all holy one


We pray for our churches

country chapels nestling in the shadow of wild hills

great cathedrals lifted up above the human swarm

tiny congregations gathered together in midst of wind and rain

huge, swelling crowds singing your praise in throbbing song

suburban edifices witnessing to the settled presence of God

inner-city chapels ministering with warmth and compassion


May we each know the presence of Jesus, deep within our hearts, spiraling out in love and faith


Lord in your mercy...


Great God of love

who is closer to us than our own breath,

who is the beat of our heart, our deepest thought

Prepare us to receive the coming of the Holy Dove


We pray for all who are sick and sorrowing, for all who are finding the burden of this life almost too much to bear

We pray for our children and grandchildren as they seek to make their way in the world

and we pray for ourselves as we turn to receive once more your forgiveness, your wisdom, your love


Remake us in the glory of your Ascension

reshape us by the power of your resurrection

refill us as we await the coming of your Spirit


Lord in your mercy...