Christ the King


Jesus who is the King, unlike any King

We pray for our world

For the people of seeking justice and peace

For governments seeking stability and growth

For the forgotten people of the world seeking survival, liberation and self-determination

Bring, we pray, your kingdom of hope and new possibility


Lord in your mercy...


Jesus who is the good Shepherd

We pray for your flock the church

For the bishops and leaders seeking to offer wisdom in a complex and changing world

For the pastors seeking to gather communities where your love is practiced

For all of us who answer to your call, seeking to live out your love in the midst of the complicated confusions of daily life

Guide us, we pray, and protect us in your love


Lord in your mercy...


Jesus who is the outsider reaching out to all in the midst of their uncertainties and insecurities

We pray for ourselves

Be with us in the dark places of the heart where we feel afraid and inadequate

Be with us in the bright spaces of our spirits where we feel hopeful and full of joy

Be with the people we love, who are facing challenge and uncertainty today




Jesus the Christ, Lord of the universe and King of Kings

Jesus of Galilee, lonely shepherd and Shepherd of the lonely

Draw us into the fold of your love, secure us in the safety of your peace


Lord in your mercy...