The Divine





God is
The beginning before the beginning
The end of all endings
The life of all living things
The breath of all human beings
God is the before and the after
The centre and the consummation
The meaning
The story
The destination
and the source
This is the vitality of God
The heart and the soul and the fate of everything that is
Without God there is no start
no direction
nothing that is true
With God I live
and love
and move
and breathe
creating with hands
and words
and feet
a human enterprise
small, delicate and vulnerable
but held between its genesis and consummation
in the presence of the eternal love.


If God is not our mother
how can we be born again?
How can we be 'born of the Spirit'
if we do not enter into the womb of the Spirit
if we do not emerge,
out of our God-mother
into the dangerous world?
And if we do not feed at the breast
of our God-mother
how are we to be nurtured?
Are we to drink some artificial milk
concocted by men?
Or are we to slurp greedily at the divine breast
huge and brimming with the spiritual milk:
growing healthy and strong
into the men and women
we were born to be?


Our Father, unlimited by human concepts
Our Mother, the power beyond human thought
Our Creator, beyond yet always present to your children
We respect you for you are the energising presence that inhabits all life
We desire that your love and goodness be made known to all humanity, that the powers of evil be overthrown and that the new creation be revealed here in the midst of us
Help us every day so that we might have the food, shelter and human companionship we need
We acknowledge our failings, our greed, our self-righteousness; as we receive your generous forgiveness may we be generous to those who annoy or mistreat us
God of all life we need your protection.  We fail often and the world can be a frightening place.  Guard us, we pray, in your expansive love.