I pray for my fearfulness
I pray for my anxiousness
I pray for terror and dread
I pray for panic and helplessness

I pray against terror and dread and despair
I pray for hope and courage to dare
I pray in Christ's might
I pray with God's light

A prayer for my fearfulness
A prayer for my fear

Invocation For One In Travail

O God who is justice
O God who is life
O God who is the breath in our bodies and the strength in our limbs
O God who is every desire we ever breathed and more than we could ever imagine
Fill us with your deep Spirit
Earth us in the soil of your body
Create in us a word so deep, so true, so red, so raw
that it ignites with the original fire
and births the mystery of our unfettered soul

For you are love
and you are compassion
and you breathe into us the fire of your freedom.


God we need your help

Sometimes I think all the decent people have gone
For the friends we depended on have changed
They speak lies to each other
And deceive themselves with flattery

Silence those flattering tongues O God!
Close those boastful mouths that say
"With our words we get what we want.
We will say what we wish,
and no one can stop us"

"But now I will come" says God
"because the needy are oppressed
and the persecuted groan in pain.
I will place them in the safety for which they long -- I will protect them from those who malign them"

The promises of the Lord can be trusted;
they are genuine as silver
refined seven times in the furnace

O God keep us safe from their lies
From the flatterers who stalk us with lies
From the proud who collect honours
for their wonderful lies.

Psalm for One in Trouble

O Loving mystery, how many are my troubles
Many confront me and rise up against me
Many are saying to me "Love will not help you, God is not real"

But you Loving Mystery
But you Divine Presence
But you Holy Mother
But you Dancing Sister
Are a warm blanket wrapped around me
My hope and my joy
Who lifts me tenderly out of despair

So I shout aloud to Love
And from the mountains wreathed in cloud she answers me!

Exhausted I lie down to sleep
But Love is with me in my dreams
And with tender gentleness she summons me to life once more

So although I am beset by fears
So although I am surrounded by anxieties
So although the demands multiply
I will not be afraid
For in love I was made a brave and beautiful woman
And by the strength of tenderness
And by the gentleness of truth
Love will overcome

On my own I can do nothing
But in the trust of friendship
But in the solidarity of love
The blessing shall come to all people

Silver Thread

Hold the thread
By despair be not deceived
By what thieves have now conceived
Be not in dread

The silver thread is all:
Goodness, courage, enduring love
The power indwelling, yet from above
Saves us from destructive gall

Bitterness shall be no master
Regret, despair are foolish lords
Holding with self-defeating cords
For grace will always hold the faster

Grab the silver thread!
All else is causeway to the dead


Be not afraid
Be not afraid

On the unsteady seas
On the rolling waters
On the tormented deep

Hear the word of the God-man

Be not afraid

(Love yourself
Make friends with your flesh
Be acquainted with your pain)

Be not afraid

On the unsteady seas