The Meaning of the Church Year

-- in theology and in the world





In the world


In Jesus God enters into the world

There is mystery in the world. Things beyond our ken open to children and the child-like heart. We ponder these things in midwinter

Epiphany and Baptism of Christ. The Great Blessing of the Waters

The true nature of Jesus is revealed. Hope begins to dawn.

We recognize water as the source of life and long for the coming of the light and for warmth


Jesus enters the wilderness, we follow him

In our materialist age we need a time for self reflection and reorientation as we anticipate the spring

Holy week and Good Friday

In Jesus God suffers with and for the world

We cannot avoid pain and suffering. We must to do business with it


Jesus is raised to life. History is changed

Nonetheless there is hope and new life, we celebrate it as we welcome spring!

Pentecost and Ascension

Jesus as a man on earth is gone but he leaves his Spirit. The church is born.

If we are to live hopefully we need a filling of strength and vitality as summer arrives

Harvest Thanksgiving and All Saints

Scattered throughout the world we recognize Jesus everywhere

Thanksgiving for the life and the warmth that summer has brought us, as we enjoy the fruits of autumn

All Souls, Remembrance Day and Advent

We prepare for the coming of Jesus by reflecting on death and judgment

We remember the dead and our own mortality as winter approaches