Poetry Collections



A selection of my poetry collections, some are just poems on a particular theme, often put together for a specific occasion, whilst others combine poetry and prose in pursuit of a particular theme. Some poems reoccur in a number of different collections.They are listed here in a roughly chronological order.

Renouncing the World

This collection of early poems were written under the influence of a spiritual awakening inspired by Thomas Merton's New Seeds of Contemplation and mainly consists of a series of reflections on Luke's Gospel

Down Ingrave Street

These poems were written when I was living on the Winstanley Estate, Battersea in the late 1980s and were first presented at the Urban Theology Unit, Sheffield

Down in the Forest Where Love Grew

A series of poems inspired by my wife

The Existential Psalms

A retelling of the story of David and how he became King of Israel

Political Poems

A short collection of poems inspired by my work as a community development worker in London

Songs from the Welsh Hills

Poems and reflections inspired by a 3 week solitary retreat

The Journey

A sequence of poems and commentaries forming a personal reflection on the spiritual life

Poems for my Father

A collection for my father's 80th birthday particularly concerned with the British landscape

In the Valley of the Irfon

Poems drawn from my time in a valley in mid Wales including some liturgy and verse written for specific occasions

Anchorite poems

A short collection of poems forming a sequel to Renouncing the World

Earth Spirituality

A short collection of poems put together for someone wanting to explore a more ecological theology

I Am of the Whole World One Part

A collection of prayers many of which I use on a regular basis

Sounding the Divine

A longer sequence of theological poems and reflections in which I seek to reflect on my own theological convictions and practice