Social Analysis and Contextual Theology


Thinking about Complexity

-- a brief introduction to complexity theory particularly orientated towards the implications for churches


-- an approach to social research using analogies from the senses in order to provide an holistic understanding of our world's


-- a reflection on maps of London, exploring how we need different ways of understanding places

Living in a Gated Community

-- a theological reflection, a Crucible article. It seeks to look beyond the knee-jerk horror that gated communities and to try and understand them from the perspective of lived reality and biblical wisdom.

Nonconformity in Hackney

-- a history and a reflection. Hackney is a key site for the growth of religious nonconformity in the 17th and 18th century. This paper seeks to illustrate how this has affected contemporary Hackney

The Dissenting Academies of Hackney

-- a history. Growing from the previous article this looks at the interesting history of Nonconformity's 'Alternative Universities' who provided education for nonconformists who weren't allowed to go to Oxford and Cambridge