Urban Mission


An introduction to London for Christian workers

-- now rather out of date but the characterization of London as large, ethnically diverse and characterized by extremes of wealth and poverty is still relevant

Encounter with Africa

-- an autobiographical piece on encounters with Africans in London it draws on the extensive work I did with black majority churches when I worked with the Zebra Project.

Guidelines for Estate ministry

-- arising from work I did with the URC it seeks to draw the lessons from a number of consultations

Models of Christian social involvement

-- creates a number of typologies of the different ways churches engage with their communities

The Church as a Grassroots Urban Institution

-- a reflection on the role of the church in urban communities. It explores how essentially conservative institutions can be the seedbed for radical and new initiatives, thus suggesting a new model for Christian mission

Urban mission and truth

-- a short paper first presented at the London Urban Theology Project. It challenges the tendency to distort the truth for a variety of ends such as fundraising

a little church

A theological reflection about rural ministry using a poem by e.e. cummings

The Zebra Project

-- a paper I wrote in response to questions from a researcher about the Zebra Project, a pioneering black and white partnership project which flourished in the 1970s and 1980s in East London