Battersea: four landmarks

River God

The Old Man was here before London.

The Old Man created London.

In years previous it was He who was London:


Full of people and people's business.


Now you are empty

Haunt of the pleasure boat

And dark cormorant.


You are confluence

Bringing together

Taking away

Passing through.


You are the Victorian energy

Which gathered the city

And sent it spinning into

Its relentless rising.


This pleasure park

Sucked Chelsea

Onto its perimetre

And Buddhists

Into its heart.


It is a gentle jumble

Of urban diversions.

I remember it

For the friendships

It gently nurtured.


And the hidden


Locked within

Its iron gates

And iron railings.

Power station

You squat like an old god

Amidst your desolations:

An empty shell

Waiting for a rich man's fantasies

To fulfill.