This is Hackney


A Narrow Way

Reserved for buses and pedestrians

Congested with motorists

Taking a shortcut to Mare Street


By policemen intent on the serious business

Of harassing young black men


This is Hackney


Electoral fraud

Leaving a hung council

Incapable of redeeming


Of quick fixes, political posturing, gross mismanagement

And insidious corruption

And hanging with the Damoclean doom

Of direct government

As if it were a troublesome Irish province


This is Hackney


Impolite requests

Illegally fly-posted

For the beheading

Of the Chief Executive

For the treasonable act

Of trimming services

And cutting jobs


This is Hackney


Home to the Angry Brigade

And its homemade hippie bombs

Courtesy of the Amhurst Road commune

More recently to become

Class War kicking (unsuccessfully)

The rich scum out of Hackney


This is Hackney


Subterranean manoeuvreings of PKK terrorists

Seeking to infiltrate Kurdish refugee groups


This is Hackney


Revolutionary republican nonconformists

Plotting the overthrow of the monarchy

Before they became respectable

Upholders of the liberal establishment


This is Hackney


Empty industrial units reborn as Power and Glory Ministries

Anarchist football matches (with or without a referee?)

Libraries shut on Saturdays (and not just in Stamford Hill)

Illegal monkey parts sold in Ridley Road

Babylondon - graffiti scrawled on a factory wall

Homerton High Street constipated once more


This is Hackney


A Narrow Way

From which there is no shortcut to heaven