Below are listed intercessions that I have used and written for Anglican churches in London and Wales. Some are linked to specific seasons such as Harvest or Easter whilst others address specific themes such as forgiveness or conflict. Sometimes specific situations are mentioned which may need to be adapted, generally they will work better if adapted to your specific situation. Throughout I use the response Lord in your mercy, hear our prayer because generally I favour using a response which is well-known, but you may want to change the response. As with all my liturgy I'm happy for you to adapt and use as suits your context. It is all in the public domain please acknowledge when appropriate.

Abraham and faith
Advent hope
Ascension day
Bible Sunday
Christ the King
Christmas Midnight Mass
God of mercy (God of the cross)
God of strength and weakness
Holy Spirit pray with, in and through us
Let us light a light
New year
Racial Justice Sunday
Sunday after Easter
Trouble and hope
Wilderness (in time of difficulty)
Yesterday, today and tomorrow